Thursday, December 5, 2019


Following document can be used as reference for Entry Level HVAC BIM Modeller 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Managing Worksets

We will be discussing about how to create,copy and manage worksets, when Working with number of models and consistency to be maintained.

Creation of Workset

Workset Add on Developed by Juan Osborne is good for creating workset for first time .

Add on can be downloaded from below location.Program uses a simple csv file for creating workset , which is good for creating worksets across several models
Download link
Create Workset

Copying worksets between Files

Workset Add on Developed by Juan Osborne is good for copying workset from one file to another.

This add on also helpful in copying already existing workset into another files

Download link Copy Workset

Viewing workset entities

Model with all entities in right workset  will add lot of advantages as we progress in the model 

Advantages of using workset
  • Viewing in 3D becomes better with elements in right workset.
  • Worksets  can switched off and on which we easier to control elements in sheet
  • Worksets allow multiple users to work on the same projects simultaneously
  • Worksets allow for a clear definition of responsibilities in regards to who (what discipline or office) is responsible for what (elements that contribute to the whole model), and where (the location of elements in the model).
  • Worksets allow users to open only the portion of the project that is relevant to their tasks, which alleviates their computers from extra memory load, improving the performance of the machine.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Basics of BIM LOD 400 Modelling

I have Listed Down best Practices for BIM  LOD 400 Modelling from my Experience.